Translation of GMC-4 Manual Pages

Recently, I have noticed a significant up-tick in the number of visitors to my posts on Otona no Kagaku Magazine, volume 24.  I hope that this means that more folks outside of Japan are getting their hands on this magazine and more importantly, the 4-bit Microcomputer.

For the benefit of those who are not fluent in Japanese, I have decided to translate the GMC-4 Manual pages contained within the magazine.  I have just finished the first section and published it as a separate page.  You will also find a link to this page to your right under Pages.

I decided to publish the original Japanese and my English translation side by side for the benefit for those studying Japanese.  My teenage daughter tells me that a lot of kids in high school take Japanese so they can read manga in the original Japanese.  I would love to hear about teenagers taking up Japanese to learn about Japanese technology and other cool stuff from companies like Gakken, the publisher of Otona no Kagaku.  I can’t be the only one.

The Denki-Guy

(Okay, I didn’t exactly take up Japanese in high school.  I started studying Japanese at age 23.)


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