Folder sharing problems on the Eee PC

In my previous blog entry on Sharing Folders with Windows XP Computers, I talk about how easy it is to share files over the network between Windows computers and an Eee PC.  Yet, we all know that few things are as simple as they appear.  Sharing files over the network is no exception.  I would like to share some solutions to problems I have encountered while using the File Manager program on my Eee PC 900 running Xandros Linux.

  • The workgroup name does not appear when I double-click on the Windows Network icon.

Highlight the Windows Networkicon and then refresh the view by clicking the refresh icon, pressing F5 or selecting Refresh from the View menu.

  • When I double-click on the workgroup icon, the only computer I can see on the network is the Eee PC.

Sometimes it will take a couple minutes for all the computers to showup in the workgroup view.  This is not an issue with the Eee PC but simply the way Windows works.  I see the same thing immediately after I reboot one of Windows PCs.

  • I have waited many minutes and one of my Windows PCs still doesn’t show up in the workgroup view.

I found that exiting the File Manager and relaunching generally helps.

  • When I double-click on the icon to one of my Windows computers I get a “No route to host” error.

Most likely, the Windows Firewall is not set to allow file sharing.  Go to the Control Panel and open the Windows Firewall control. Click on the Exceptions tab and check the box for File and Printer Sharing and click OK.

  • When I double-click on the icon to one of my Windows computers, I am asked for a user name and password.

Assuming you have not done anything fancy with shared folder permissions, chances are that you have not enabled folder sharing on the Windows PC.  This is different issue from the one with the Firewall.  Microsoft recommends that file sharing be enabled using the Network Setup Wizard which can be launched from the Control Panel page.

  • When I try to open the Shared Documents folder on my Windows PC from my Eee PC, I am asked for a user name and password.

The Shared Documents folder is intended for sharing documents with other users of the same computer, not other users on the network.  If you want to share a folder that also appears in Shared Documents, go to My Computer and navigate to the folder you want to share.  See these instructions from Microsoft on how to share a folder.


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